Dirt Bikes

Roll on Cyprus has a range of the latest models of petrol dirt bikes straight off the dirt tracks. We have some of the best looking models available, all built using the latest high spec parts. Dirt bikes are an increasingly popular choice and they are incredibly fun to ride so make sure you don’t miss out!

Designed for track racing//

Mini Moto

Prepare to have plenty of fun with our range of zippy, pocket sized and pocket priced mini motos & midi Motos. These speedy motos are scaled down racing bikes, they may be tiny but they certainly pack a punch. Designed for track racing, these bikes are a lot of fun but are also relatively cheap to purchase and maintain, what are you waiting for?

riding and having fun//

Quad Bikes

Roll On Cyprus Quad Bikes are perfect for both kids and of course big kids too, we’re looking at you dad! These mean machines may be small but they’re tough, reliable and durable so don’t be afraid to put it through its paces off-roading. Our quads are easy to operate so you can concentrate on the main things: riding and having fun.

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